AFN 75th Anniversary

A Diamond Anniversary Celebration

Welcome to a broadcast vault of 75 years of the American Forces Network’s history. We started out May 26, 1942 as the Armed Forces Radio Service. Since then, we’ve operated under many different names in far off locations around the world as we followed American warriors wherever they served, whether Japan, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, or even afloat naval ships. Today, the overseas military audience we serve knows us simply as “AFN.” This microsite links our past, with our present, with profiles of our former and current military broadcast journalists. We have hours of rare video and audio of how we served the American military serving overseas for the past 75 years. Use it. Enjoy it. If you create a news story about us, please send us a link to your story. If you’d like to do an interview with us, or would like more details, email us at:

Profiles of Current and Former Broadcasters