Welcome to AFN 360 Internet Radio

Now you can get your local AFN station plus seven music & Information channels using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Now you can listen to AFN crystal clear without using a radio.

AFN 360 will improve AFN quality where you get mobile data or internet. You can hear AFN 360 in any country that has AFN radio services.

If you are on a desktop computer, choose the link for your region below (Europe or Asia), and click on "Listen Live."

For your mobile device, you will need to download the AFN Europe or AFN Pacific Mobile application. Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play and search for AFN Europe or AFN Pacific. Best of all...the app is FREE!
Note: AFN 360 is designed to work in countries where AFN radio is broadcast. In Europe, AFN 360 Internet Radio is available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Turkey, the Netherlands, the Azores and on OCONUS military workstations. In Asia, AFN 360 Internet Radio is available in Japan, Korea, and on OCONUS military workstations.

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